Lyn Kirkland - Encaustic Wax

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Welcome to my site!
I am an Encaustic wax artist. Encaustic wax is an ancient medium practiced by the Greeks and Egyptians. I feel a strong connection with the organic nature of the wax pigments and in creating contemporary pieces using centuries old methods.

I have included a selection of my most recent work, which includes painting, casting and printing. Wax in all its forms - Beeswax, Microcrystalline, Tussaud wax and Glass wax, continues to fascinate me as a medium. I love to experiment with its properties for creating textural paintings and figurative casts. I offer personal tuition from my studio on the beautiful Isle of Portland in Dorset, UK. Please see dedicated page for more details.   

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  1. lyn kirkland avatar
    lyn kirkland Jul 2, 2016

    thank you for liking my website Thomas…do you want to buy a painting??